My name is Sara Pot, but it's super easy to simply say SPot. I'm married to a handsome guy named Ralph who conveniently provided a much shorter last name than the one I was born with (DeJonge). Together, we have four daughters: Emily, 17, Sophia, 15, Rachel 12, and Janneke, 9... and a girl dog, Luna. Though we celebrate the gifts and spirit of all our girls, Rachel and Janneke have certainly stretched and tested our strength, humour, parenting, and faith. Both Rachel and Janneke were born with an undiagnosed syndrome, special needs that affect every aspect of being. The girls are completely dependent on us for care. Over the years, I've shared parts of the family's story as it relates to faith and disability, and I have also spoken to corporate and government audiences to either advocate for children with special needs or encourage greater community involvement. If you are interested in having me speak at your event, click my contact page. 

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growth begins when we start to accept our own weakness -Jean Vanier