Janneke at school this morning... our own little one-glove wonder. Music cues her spirit in a very special way.

I am especially thankful for this dancing video today.

Because it was last night that Janneke decided not to sleep. Like many other nights, she chose to roll around in her bed, laughing and hollering instead. She was not unwell; she was happy and simply not tired. 

This wouldn't be a problem if she was in her own room, in her own house. Much to Rachel's chagrin, Janneke shares her space with her sister - and the house with her family. This means when Janneke is hollering and laughing, Rachel and I are also awake, albeit not hollering and laughing. 

The night shift challenges my sense of humour and ability to cope. Once the light of dawn creeps into the room, I can laugh about my atypical loveable kid and have another cup of coffee. But not in the middle of the night. It's not funny then. 

It amazes me that Rachel, in her nonverbal way, expresses her frustration with Janneke during these nights. The banging of Rachel's hand on the bed and the groans emit a silent swear word, directed at her sister.  How typical.

Hoping for a better rest tonight. For all of us.