Winter and Wheels

I grew up loving snow, sledding, and cross-country skiing (ok, loved it as a kid, hated it as a teen, but grew to love it again). Living in Huron County meant we were almost guaranteed a week’s worth of snow days (canceled school). I remember playing outside in the snow for as long as possible after supper, particularly after a fresh snowfall. One year, my dad helped us construct a snow fort, complete with supported roof. Its beams? Hockey sticks, of course.

As a parent, I loved seeing the excitement for snow in the early years with Emily and Sophia, complete with their rosy cheeks, frosty mittens, runny noses, and huge smiles. Mind you, now that they are in their dormant season of screen, homework, and school, there are fewer impromptu snowmen on my front lawn. No longer excited to sled down Dad’s driveway pile of snow on their Krazy Karpets, the girls are usually keen to plan a trip to Holiday Valley (NY) to downhill ski or snowboard.

Unfortunately, it is not so fun to accept the limitations snow has for Rachel and Janneke. We try to take them outside to catch a few snowflakes and take in the fresh air. It is more than challenging to go for a walk or keep warm; the memories are more often made through the windows.

IMG_0356 5.JPG

I know our girls are privileged to have caregivers push them; those who have to maneuver the sidewalks and city transit with slush, sleet and bus juice take this winter battle to a whole new level.

So, here’s to reminding all of us about clearing our sidewalks, looking out for each other and making sure pathways are clear. And here’s to being creative with problem-solving!