beLeaf it.

yes. the Toronto Maple Leafs popped into Niagara Children's Centre.


Whether or not you think that's a big deal, it happened - and it seemed to be a big deal to those gathered at the Centre this afternoon, albeit more for the adults than the kids. 

Why is it a big deal when a well-known sports team or individual stops by a place like Niagara Children's Centre? There may be a few who roll their eyes and mutter something about a token photo op. 

Photo op or not, it is awesome to see attention brought to the Centre and the kids, attention that doesn't include medical teams or therapeutic intervention. This kind of attention speaks to a piece of normality that so many Centre parents wish to glimpse in their otherwise not-so-normal life. This kind of attention tugs on the jersey of the fan who doesn't usually think about disability or a children's treatment centre.

If you've ever heard a parent or family member speak about Niagara Children's Centre, many of us say the same thing: We never knew this place existed until we needed it. 

So when the Leafs come, it's a bit of a spotlight on this place for the rest of the community to see and consider supporting. Places like Niagara Children's Centre need community dollars alongside the allocated Ministry funds to help kids. The waitlists for services persist and the needs continue to grow. It's pretty cool that the Leafs are opening up their training sessions this weekend in exchange for donations to the Centre.  Go ahead and take some pictures.


Janneke seemed indifferent to all the fuss today, but that's to be expected. Watching hockey on the TV is another matter; she and Rachel love the back-and-forth motion of the game on the screen. It has soothed Janneke from many crying spells, much to Ralph's amusement.

Now it's Friday night, and the family is settling in from a busy week. Janneke has a nice Carlton teddy bear to keep her company in her bed, and Rachel is happy to watch her night light. The rest of us are chillaxing, thankful for time to breathe and rest. 

And this bib's never being washed. just saying.


peace for your night.