Happy Birthday, Janneke

it's an older photo but a favourite...

Seven years ago, on March 14, Janneke Grace joined the Pot family.  Ten years ago in March, we learned of Rachel's abnormalities while she was still in utero.

March is a month filled with memories that are both sweet and complicated.

Perhaps it's like any intense moment in your life - that you can recall specific details as if it were yesterday, no matter how much time passes.

There are times when we reflect together on the births of the girls.  It's almost as if we need to revisit those moments from time to time to help sort the rest of the years that follow. The birth of Janneke spurred a sorrow that had been hibernating since the birth of Rachel. Though we celebrated the new life of our little Janneke in that birthing room, her presentation of special needs broke the spirit we had bolstered in maintaining normalcy with Rachel.

Seven years ago, Janneke Grace was born in Grimsby, transferred to Sick Kids in Toronto, and later sent to MacKids in Hamilton.  Janneke finally met her older sister, Rachel, six weeks after her birth. It was a dizzying time in the Pot family, and we had a lot to process during that time. Today, we sat with Em and Soph and watched an old slide show video that Ralph put together shortly after Janneke's birth. Seven years later, and we are still processing.

Happy birthday, Janneke Grace. Can't believe you are seven already.

Grace finds beauty in everything.