empathic intelligence

In Rachel's Grade 4 classroom, her fellow students practice their emerging writing skills by taking turns each week writing "in Rachel's voice"... an activity that asks the student to imagine what Rachel is thinking each day of that week.

Some of the authors have loads to say, and others are short and to the point. Some include descriptive phrases, and others write plainly about what was heard and seen in the week.  Many of them include a common thought that goes something like this: "People don't know that I know WAY MORE than they think about me."

Her classmates are glimpsing perspective, the power of assumption, and empathetic intelligence.  I am glimpsing my nonverbal disabled kid for who she is and could be - within and beyond those limitations.

I love this assignment.

I love her classmates.

Glimpsing someone else's view, stepping into their world, seeing it from their eyes...

Given the recent events as trumpeted in the media outlets, I think the world needs this assignment.