position and posture

Hey again.

Grandpa popped by and showed the girls what a slide projector is. As soon as the fan turned on, the sound brought me back to high school geography class with Mr. Meester and his slides of limestone on the Niagara escarpment. Yep, this was the original slide show, kids.

October is birthday month here. Sophia and Ralph had their birthdays this past week, and Emily has hers coming this week.  In between and around are the birthdays of almost half our extended family. That's a lot of cake and ice cream. Or mini tarts.

It's also election month - tomorrow Canada gets to vote in a federal election. We. get. to. vote. Wow. Want to catch a glimpse of not having that freedom? Watch Selma for starters.  Or learn about the 1960 decision here in Canada made by Diefenbaker.  

I am amazed at how much is written, said, and shared about this Canadian election. And the advice about who I should vote for, and who I shouldn't vote for abounds.  People talk about the phrase "Canadian nice" - well, the recent voting ads are anything but.  


This- all at the same time I am working with the seating clinic at the children's centre to tune up and repair the girls' wheelchairs. While measuring and examining the chairs, we talk a lot about position and posture.

Which leads me to think about the election.

I guess I hope whatever position you take tomorrow, whatever vote you make, that your posture on Tuesday and beyond is one that surpasses party lines. A posture that is bent on caring and showing compassion for the vulnerable, hurt, lost and less able.  A posture that emphasizes community and harmony -that we agree to disagree.

Because we will probably always disagree about something. Agreeing to disagree means we stop shaming and pointing fingers about the choices people make, and instead, we find common ground to foster a stronger community. And we don't stop advocating for a better life for each other.

Rachel enjoying some tactile therapy time