Happy trying-to-live-thankful-and-be-giving

Hey, Happy Canadian Thanksgiving.

Hi. It's been 71 days since we popped up a post. Have you missed reading this? (Maybe don't answer that. Laugh a little.)  Over the last 71 days, it's been busy finding harmony with family and work and life. There have been moments when I thought about blogging, but my heart wasn't committed.

I've wondered why we blog. It started as updates when Janneke was born, that time so long ago when we were knee-deep in sorrow, numb as we digested embracing another daughter with complex needs. That was over 6 years ago.

It's challenging to accurately encapsulate the myriad of emotions and thoughts that run through this house and this marriage as we take on each day.   As it is in many homes.  We are keenly aware of how persistent the temptation exists to stay frustrated with what isn't... what isn't the way we want it to be. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are important to us, but they often suffer when we are trying to cope.

Maybe more can be typed about that in another post.

That being said, there are some good things happening this fall.

Rachel started at Beacon in September. And it's working. So well.

"psst... Kalan, did you do your homework last night?"

these students inspired the student body to raise money for a swing at school for Rachel

My favourite part about Rachel's experience so far? The response of the kids in school. Choruses of "Hi, Rachel" can be heard as she enters and exits the building. Kids have assigned themselves roles - protector on the playground, so the balls don't hit her chair, heavy-lifter in the hallway, carrying the beanbag chair to chapel and assemblies, and the countless check-ins of "Have you hooked her feed up properly?" "I think she needs to stretch her legs" and "How are you feeling today, Rachel?".

Em started high school. She loves it.  She sorta loves the bus ride. No more waking up last minute and walking over to class.

with Aunt Grace visiting from Minnesota

Janneke is still at the Children's Centre School, but she hasn't been well enough to attend many days. I think she has attended 10 since the start of the year. From one infection to another cold, she hasn't been super healthy. She is also sensitive to sounds; our little hermit would prefer a class of 1 kid.

Soph is in another year of school, but I suspect she'd rather be paddleboarding. She'll manage.

Ralph and I are sifting and sorting through the days. Some days are well done, and other days feel half baked.

But we are conscious of the growth that comes with each season and stage in living and parenting. We know these days shouldn't be wasted, won't be wasted.

We hope this week has good things for you and yours.


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