surgery update

Hi....  It's been a bit.

Rachel had some time at the theatre this morning -the operating room theatre. Last September, Rachel had her g-tube re-sited, which means it was placed in a better spot on her stomach. Unfortunately, the old gtube site did not heal. Over the last 9 months, that old site has been a source of pain and persistent infection. Today's procedure should hopefully resolve those issues; the surgeon was able to stitch up the stomach lining and close the old site entry.

We were nervous about the surgery given her previous experiences with sedation, but it was great to have some of the same team players from September's surgery (2014) help.  Given that September's surgery went so well, we were optimistic about today.... but still nervous.

Now she is recovering decently in a room at Mac, and hopefully she can continue to recover at home (tomorrow?).

Here's to a full recovery, less pain... and some camping time this summer.

In the meantime, we've got a graduate to celebrate next week - Emily officially concludes her grade school career next Monday night.