Helping Kids Shine!

The signs of spring are here....finally!

And with the arrival of spring comes the annual radiothon with 610 AM, 105.7 EZ Rock, and 97.7 HTZ -FM which raises awareness and support of the Niagara Children's Centre.

This year, it's a new design and a new name: Helping Kids Shine!  Check out the website here. You'll see some familiar faces - Rachel and Janneke, as well as a number of our friends like Kaiden and Megan who are serving as ambassadors for the Centre this month.

Consider joining the team of support for kids like our girls. With Rachel's birthday on May 4, we are marking 9 years of life for her and almost 9 years of being supporting by the Centre. We couldn't have given her the quality of life she has without the Centre and its amazing staff.

So, tomorrow, Janneke and Rachel will hobnob with the radio personalities... Rachel will probably give them her "I'm gonna size you up first" eye, and Janneke will probably walk or ride circles around them all, oblivious to their fame. Shine, baby, shine.