update from lil' jpot

School is exhausting.

Actually, not really. I like the tray.  It feels pretty amazing up close and on my nose.

We had Family Literacy Hour at school this week.  Mom came, and we had a story together. Rachel and I knew this one because Mom has read it to us so many times.  She's says it's more than just a book about colours -and it's her favourite too. 

After the story, the teachers gave us scented playdough.  I spent most of my time smelling it.  Mmm... lemon. Mom wondered if they used doTerra essential oil to make it smell so good.  Oh, Mom.

Most days, I love playing with playdough - smelly or not smelly - on my light box.  The light that shines out is so cool.  Keeps me focused, and I like to put my face right on it.

Rachel's into her iPad app called BitsBoard. I haven't tried it yet, but I am sure I can beat her score.

Every Thursday, Rachel's class hosts a cafe.  Sometimes, I get to go and visit.  Everyone in the class has a job, using their message button.  Rachel's job is to say hello to everyone.  We all wait in front of her to say hello - and then we move to the next person who tells us what the cafe is serving that morning.  If you want to come sometime, tell my mom. I'm sure she'll pay for your treat.

I know sometimes it's not cool to say you love school, but Rachel and I really love our school.  The teachers are so kind to us.  They know us so well, and we are sometimes dancing in our wheelchairs when the bus comes to pick us up in the morning. 

The rest of the family? Dad likes watching hockey (and I like watching it with him).  Emily is busy with taking pictures of her props for American Girl on Instagram, and Mom is learning about Instagram (thepotfamilyblog).  Soph made the family supper last night and wouldn't tell anyone the secret ingredient until after everyone ate. It was tofu! Soph's a good cook.  

And Luna? She loves to follow me around in my walker. She's so fluffy!

Have a good week.  I'm off to sing in my bed while my family sleeps.

lil' jpot