week's end

She's officially a Scout.  

Yesterday, Rachel was welcomed into the troop at her school.  Each year, the troop works with a few of the older kids at the Niagara Children's Centre School.  Last year, the troop leaders went along on a zoo trip to ensure kids like Rachel had an accessible (and respectable) change station. 

In the past,  Rachel participated in some of their events - and won the Kub Car Race. Now, she's officially in the troop.  And already two badges on the scarf!

Friday was a full day - Rachel became a Scout, Soph ran in a cross country race, and we finished the day with a birthday party for Soph.  It was the kind of busy that encourages post-party thankfulness: come home from a busy day of working and coaching/cheering, welcome a new nurse, get the birthday party gang started on an activity, clean Rachel's wheelchair (accidents happen from time to time), go back to the party, check in with the nurse, bandage a cut finger from a partygoer, and listen to the girls sing songs as their way of measuring time in taking turns on the trampoline.

What we mean is that when all the party dust has settled, the kids are delivered safely home, and our kids are tucked in, we give thanks for a Scout troop that sees value and worth in welcoming kids like Rachel into the troop, cross-country races that teach our kids more about themselves and allow for new friendships to start, great school chums for Em and Soph, loving nursing care for Rachel and Janneke, good humour that reminds us to laugh when the pizza dough is on the floor instead of the oven, and great memories to savour.

peace for your weekend.