Just a short update: The surgery went well, and the sedation procedure went better than expected. There were a lot of people in the OR room, ready to assist and support. We give thanks for our community of support and for the many prayers. We were certainly resting on that support while we waited, knowing that God was and is faithful in His mercy and love- no matter the outcome. Now we wait some more as Rachel recovers and transitions from IV fluids to regular g-tube feeds. Hoping to sleep in our own beds soon...

As  I sit and wait with her, I catch glimpses of other families whose stories include long difficult chapters where they must call the hospital their second home as they deal with illness and disease. Those chapters are not familiar to me, but with our short hospital stays, I am reminded that each day presents different challenges for all of us- big and small. May we never take for granted the days of good health, conversations and emails and texts, good jokes, and shared smiles. We can't lose sight of what it means to search for joy, to show grace to prickly people or have patience in frustrating situations. And we can't forget to extend that offer to help, to listen, and to support those who find the search for daily joy to be near impossible. Living in community can be messy at times, but it is so necessary.

with a thankful heart here at Mac, I wish peace for your day,