In the sweltering heat of this week in September, Rachel and Janneke tried school today.  They will officially start on Monday, September 8, but today was a trial run.

We were thrilled to see our busdriver and rider from last year.  They take such good care of our girls, even thinking to find soft padded seatbelt covers to prevent rub marks under the girls' chins. It's the little things that show big hearts.

Earlier this week, I had a chance to sit down and meet with the teams that will be working with Rachel and Janneke at the Niagara Children's Centre School.  We discussed the girls' care plans and issues with their feed pumps, health and abilities.  I was asked to write down one goal for each girl on a cut-out yellow star; these stars will decorate the school hall.  

Here are the goals:

Rachel - "I want to learn how to better communicate my choices and preference to others."

Janneke - "I want to learn how to walk with my head up."

I've decided these are good goals for me too - learn to be a better communicator and to quit staring at the ground when I walk.

As for the older two.... well, they are past that stage of "I'm-so-excited-for-school-please-take-my-picture," so I caught them on their way out the door.  

enjoy the week's end.