wonder and joy

The eyes of wonder.  One of my favourite photos of the week.

We filled the week with home renos such as painting, fixing leaks, recycling old beds (remember this bed, Aunt Grace?), and cleaning out corners of stuff.

We took a break and spent time with family.  My cousin Eric came with his wife Marya and their boys to see the sites, and we enjoyed their company.

This little man was able to cajole the captain of a very large lake freighter carrying wheat to Quebec to sound his ship's horn several times, including the official captain's salute.  I have never seen such a chatty captain... a boy at heart who knows the love a kid can have for such big boats.

We love the questions kids ask about Rachel and Janneke.  Even though R and J weren't too involved in the visit, the boys asked about them and finished the visit by hanging out in their room.  Rachel and Janneke might not be able to interact with other kids so well, but they love the company.

And... sigh... it's true.  We've added to the family.  Two more favourite photos here. After years of cajoling me to agree, our family has added a dog. A special thanks to Nathan and Carmen Cooper and their kids; our puppy comes from their home.  Luna is a golden doodle who will hopefully add more joy (and less stress) to our family.  The puppy stage is reminiscent of having another baby, but given the last two babies in this family, it's not so crazy.  I love seeing the fear fade and love pervade with my older girls.  We hope Luna will also become attached to Rachel and Janneke. As of this writing, they are both not so sure of her.  Rachel is quite critical in her gaze, almost as if she is wondering how long that walking teddy bear will stick around.  Janneke is a bit more fearful, so we truly hope that will change.

A girl and her dog.  In her words, "Finally!"  On the way home from picking Luna up, she said several times, "I can't believe this is finally happening."

Well, kid.  Luna is here to stay.  Luna and I will be enrolling in puppy training classes come September. Here's hoping at least one of us will walk away trained.

Have a good weekend.  Here's to puppy treats.