another spot thought

a sweet moment with Grandpa

two awesome fans came to watch our soccer star

sage advice from Grandpa to Sophia - no, the helmet wasn't part of the soccer game

Today, I parked the Sprinter and ran into a shop for some groceries.  When I came out, there was an older man standing next to my van, staring at it.  

This is not the first time.  Sometimes, I can only guess at what people are saying when they see me walk out of the drugstore, pushing a dolly full of cases of formula towards the Sprinter.  But, today, this man wanted to know why I drove such a big van.  I told him the short version of our story. (I've got it down to about 12 words.)  We talked for a bit, and then we parted ways.

I want to believe those short random conversations are planting a seed of something good for later. Here's hoping we are all taking advantage of those brief encounters in our week as we seek to find joy and share grace.

enjoyed a bike ride to the Falls (the American one)

Peace for your week and grace for your encounters,