spot thoughts

How do you like to go up in a swing,
Up in the air so blue?
Oh, I do think it the pleasantest thing
Ever a child can do!


Thank you, R. L. Stevenson, for those swinging words, and thank you, Mekai, for pushing Janneke when you really wanted to be in the swing instead. 

* * *

It's been another week. We are ending this week with a summer cold for Rachel and Sophia.  Add some teething pain to that for Rachel, and you have a somber little lady who would rather lounge in bed and listen to stories.

Though the summer cold surfaced early this morning, we made good memories this week. Em and Soph were able to catch a great bike ride with their cousin Willa while Ralph and I took Rachel and Janneke to an appointment at Mac. We were also able to take the whole family to visit friends in Burlington; we did not take for granted the weather that allowed us to lounge outside in their accessible backyard and the good health that allowed us to stay for the whole afternoon.

It means so much to introduce our girls to our circles of friends. In the above photo, Rachel is literally feeling if Doreen is going to be her friend or a stranger.  She has this way of starting with her eyes and then using her hands or feet to rub the skin.  She more often than not breaks into a smile of acceptance... but I can't capture that easily with the camera because she isn't crazy about photographs. 

As challenging as it can be to take the family places, there are the times when it - the weather, the space, the conversation, the 47 patio stones, the naps, and the care routine- comes together.  There are times when we can feel normal.

The daily routine of our family's life can overwhelm me at times.  I worry about much - a common cold heightens the fear sensors, and I wonder if my kid can keep fighting each virus that comes our way. I know that our story is part of God's Story, but sometimes the chapters get a little intense.  I am then thankful for the days we have when we can go places and do things that seem normal and bring humour to the intensity.

Have a good weekend.  We are hoping for good health and restful nights.