birthday greetings

This lady turned 8 years old last Sunday!  We think she enjoyed her day? We are never quite sure what she would prefer.  Janneke's birthday passed quietly again in March, with some family dropping in, but, we've often sensed for Rachel's birthday, she wants the company of other kids. This year, we weren't so sure that's the case, so we intentionally invited just a few familiar faces for her and kept our fun limited to a few hours.  (Yes, that is face paint on Emily and Rachel.)  I created a video from Rachel's day that I will post later; I have to remind myself about how to post on YouTube.

She was quite serious with everyone singing to her and giving her greetings.  It seemed Rachel was most comfortable laying in her bed with Zekijah, Leah, or her cousins while watching Sesame Street and other funny videos.

This past weekend, we slipped away for a short visit to a cottage in Grey County with my side of the family.  We gathered together to celebrate my dad's upcoming 65th birthday.  It was a great time of play, eating, conversation, and laughter.  There wasn't a ton of sleep since Rachel and Janneke do not adjust well when they have to sleep in a new spot, but we expected as much. We were thankful that niece Katelyn Pot was able to join us to help out with the girls; I think some of my nieces assume she is just another aunt.

Em and Soph were not happy to leave.  They loved exploring the Styx River, climbing trees, and enjoying time with their cousins. Janneke seemed pretty happy with the whole business, sitting on the swingset with the other 5 year olds, and laughing at the kids playing.  We wonder if Janneke's the one who will want a busy birthday party next year.  Rachel did not mind being with family, but she preferred to be in her bed, quietly resting.  We are watching with interest this change in both girls.  



We are thankful for the gift of Rachel and her 8 years, and we are thankful for our family and friends.  Good things with which to close a Sunday night.

peace for your week,