art and musings by Janneke

Janneke here.  Mom calls this my Mona Lisa moment - that half smile with my art.  Today was the open art gallery for our school.  My featured piece, a fusion of fall colours, was inspired by the jaunts along the spit at Port Weller.

I also thought the blue flowers were pretty cool.  Our friends at Northland Floral donated potted flowers for the Radiothon and for our art gallery.  I had a lot of fun showing off my steps last night at the Radiothon for the Children's Centre.

Mom snuck a peek at Rachel's work.  Rachel's sick again. Mom's tired of us getting sick so much. It's been five weeks of one or both of us dealing with something. Now she's trying doTerra oils, and we all smell like cloves and licorice.  Our teachers think that's pretty cool.

My friend Parker came to see my art.  I wasn't sure what to say - so tongue-tied even though we've been friends for almost two years.

The best I could offer was my leg.  He decided to give me a little love by touching my foot.  
He's pretty cool.

I love art.

Have a good day... soon Rachel has her birthday!  Mom's hoping everyone is healthy by Sunday.

lil' jpot and spot