another Happy Birthday

Nothing says Saturday like a fort in the living room.  You are never too old to fort.  Yes, I made a new verb. 

Rachel and Janneke took turns hanging out in the fort while the other went for a walk with the nurse.  That's a Saturday morning well spent.  I can only hope Em and Soph will continue to pull their sisters into their fun when they can.  My favourite question this morning was, "Mom, can we put Janneke and Rachel in the fort?"  

I am thankful I was raised to appreciate forts - both in the living room and in the snow.  Speaking of the champion of snowfort building, meet my dad.   He's known as Pastor Bernie, Rev. DeJonge, Dominie, Uncle Hank, Hank, Bernie, Grandpa - and to me, Dad.  On Sunday, May 18, he will celebrate 65 years!

Happy Birthday, Dad.  Lots of years, lots of memories.

Thanks for being a grandpa who loves to be with his grandkids, no matter the space or time.

Dad, you have a lot of grandkids to make memories with, so we are thankful for the times when we get to be with you.  One recent memory of appreciation comes from December of last year: Thank you for knowing how much Em and Soph needed to be hugged by you when Opa died, and thank you for coming over to learn how to play Opa's favourite game with the girls.

* * * * * * * 
It's a quiet night on a long weekend. (Canadians have lots of holiday weekends, eh?)  I hope Dad has a super day - and I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend.


As a side note, I think that May 18, 1996 was also a decent birthday for my dad, one that he may have sighed with relief.  I graduated from university (Calvin College) that day and wore a note to him on my mortar board hat.