Willa love

Cute baby moment.

Meet Willa, newest cousin to our girls, daughter to Rhoda and Johan.  She came to wish Janneke a Happy Birthday and bring cheer to Rachel who is dealing with another infection.

 She tried singing.

 And then she did some deep soul-searching gazing.

Janneke tried some physio moves on Willa's feet, legs and hips.

 Willa thought that was great.

 So great that she started kicking Janneke in the chest.  Which is what Janneke does to us when we are massaging her legs.

 Willa's joy was evident.  

 As was Soph's in seeing Willa finally awake.  All her previous visits were with a sleeping Willa.

This won't be a long epistle, partly because I am tired and can't form super sentences.  I am reminded of how much weather, sleep, and the health of my kids can build or tear down the spirit, so I give thanks for the longer days, the bits of sunshine, the quick naps after supper, helping hands in the home, and antibiotics (again).

Peace for your week's end,

Last pic: time to stretch... 
(I didn't dress Janneke that day, so no judging.)