sunny Sunday

The Olympics are over.  That was a fun ride!  I loved it that advertisers finally put together an Olympic-themed commercial that includes kids with special needs.  (I only wish the attention was directed at "Mom and Dad" - instead of "Thank You, Mom.") It was great to enjoy the games once again as a family.  We look forward to catching what we can with the Sochi Paralympics 2014, scheduled to start March 7.

After the hockey game, church, and closing ceremonies, we spent the day catching up on sleep and soaking in some sunshine.  Of course, we also had some fun with the zip line tracking system in the girls' room.  All was done under adult supervision, I can assure you.  

The girls wanted some air shots.  How great to be outside in the sun... bring on spring!

This past Saturday, cousin Caleb turned 8, cousin Alanna turned 20, and an amazing lady turned 80 - Ralph's mom, Oma Pot!  We give thanks to Him for all these years and these special people in our life.

peace for your week,