Tuesday morning

You really gotta wonder what she's thinking.

I had a chance to visit Janneke in her classroom yesterday.  It was a treat to observe the action happening at the Niagara Children's Centre School.  Yet, as spirited as Janneke can be at home, she was not very excited for a Monday morning.  Come to think of it, who really gets excited on a cold, bleak, Monday morning?

She had centre/free play time where the staff tried to respond to her intentions, but it seems lately, this kid just wants to explore walking.  The walking continues to be assisted with staff and a walker, but she is loving the feeling of moving her feet.  The movement she did in the last year was more of a step-and-glide; now, she is intentionally putting all her weight into her steps.  The best is when she jives to the music.  Better dance moves than her parents, that's for sure.

Janneke does have her "zoning" times, when she tries to mentally escape.  She often pulls her finger tightly and stares away from the scene.  Some days, she does this almost the entire day, and there are other days when she is quite engaged.  I am trying to figure out what catches her attention, but it is not so easy to decipher.


According to Janneke, water play is fun if you can get your head wet, but painting employs the skill of observation - she'd rather watch someone paint for her than get her fingers involved.

Back at the ranch, we try to give Janneke different things to catch her attention, but water remains a favourite.  She'd dive into the Tupperware if she could.

Rachel seems to be on the mend as the pain spells are less and less frequent.  I got some great smiles from Rachel when I popped in to see her after my observation time with Janneke.  She was watching the school kids eat - supervising.  The other children filled my ear with stories and questions about themselves and Rachel.  I love seeing my kids in communion with others.

Today is another cold day, colder than yesterday, so I covered the girls in blankets as they loaded into the bus.  Both left the driveway with smiles, and I am reminded of how thankful I am for our busdriver and rider.

We are also so thankful for our community.  On Saturday night, we received a gift outside the mudroom door that will be helpful in the years to come.  As difficult as some of these challenges are with our children, we are blessed with supportive and caring communities.  Belonging gives roots to empowerment and energy.


(ahem) This is another selfie that Soph and I took with her pencil.  And Rachel and me.  Is it a selfie when there are three people (sort of) and a pencil represented?  Soph was stalling on her homework and thought this would inspire her to work.