another visit

I had a chance to observe Rachel in her classroom this week.  Last week was Janneke's turn, and this week I was supposed to see Rachel.

Except that within minutes of her session, she looked at me, propped out the bottom lip and started to cry.  I took her out of her chair to hold her - and she promptly fell asleep.  I am going to try next week.  And this time, I will hide behind a one-side glass partition in hopes of catching her in action.  I've always wanted to call up my inner spy; if Rachel doesn't see me, I think I might get a truer sense of what she does in session.

At home, she is more engaged again (this comes and goes) with what we do on the iPad.  There's an app called Little Bear Sees that both girls enjoy.  If you are curious, you can check out the trial version.  It is very basic but challenges the girls at their level to activate movement - cause and effect.

I have to laugh at her consistent response to the camera.  She does not like her picture being taken!  She also acts a bit "off" when my phone is nearby.  The other day, I tried to email someone while sitting with her, and she pushed her body onto my phone, preventing me from doing anything.  I find that a typical reaction from a seven year old.

Last week, we met Kooper, Uncle Harvey's dog.  We have considered a dog - maybe a therapy dog? - but we haven't come to any firm decisions.... something about the mom of this house wanting a dog that doesn't require more work.  We have a couple of ideas, so the conversation is currently active. It was amusing to see Kooper's reaction after the girls started making their sounds.  Both Rachel and Janneke make unusual sounds -which we are used to - but Kooper was immediately nervous and backed away from the girls' room.  I did catch a few photos before he bolted.

And this little lady?  She is still practicing her steps.  She is quite bold and has apparently walked right out of her classroom in her walker.  Git yer' motor running...

Today I had a chance to share a part of our story with a group of women in Dunnville in connection with our church denomination's ministry called CoffeeBreak. Though the winds and snow were blowing, it was good to get together.  In sharing our story, I hope that others will be encouraged in their journeys.  We all have stories - some very private and some more public - but each story matters.  I've had the opportunity to speak to a couple of different groups, but each time brings new perspective for me afterwards.  The individual conversations that follow remind me of the importance of being honest and real.  Life can be difficult.  But we are not alone.