twelve pics from Christmas

Of our last few days of Christmas, my camera will share with thee...

...only six hours without power.  Even Soph's homemade minions were cold.  Given that some homes in the greater Toronto area are still without power, we have nothing to complain about.  It was another reminder to consider an alternative power source should this happen again; the batteries on the feed pumps don't last more than a day.

... a great story told by Grandma.  It is fun (and entertaining) to witness the display of talents - instruments, art, video, and, of course, great Christmas jokes from the nephews at the annual DeJonge/Fluit Christmas concert. in the garage.  Of course.

... the opening of presents.  My favourite is the expression on the two nephews in the foreground.

... a Facetime visit from Victoria, B.C. with Laura, Rhodes, and Callum.

... sisterly love..  Rachel had more not-so-good days, but she rallied and enjoyed Christmas Eve on a bed we made next to the tree.  We aren't certain what is causing the on-again-off-again pain issues.  Guessing isn't fun.

.... Janneke's wonder at the busyness of Christmas.  She seemed more aware this year of the lights, the music, and the family.  She was one of the loudest singers in church on Christmas morning, hollering out when Ted said it was time for the altos to sing.

 ... family, family, and more family.

 ... cousins that don't plan to - but they come matching in their stripes. 

... space to play cards and eat in Rachel and Janneke's bedroom.  The bedroom became a dining hall and games room all the while allowing Rachel and Janneke the necessary space.

 ... games with Oma on the iPad.  She was pretty much the champ at Opa's button game.

And lest I forget, Christina and Kaitlyn were great support with Janneke and Rachel so that we could host our families.

It is another good week of thanksgiving.  Merry Christmas... may the story of Grace in disguise stay with you through the new year.