Sunday's sentiments

Still feel crummy, eh?  Well, stay in bed then. Nothing to get excited about out here.  Mom decided not to send out Christmas cards this year.  

Yes, no Christmas cards in the mail this year from our family.  Sorry for those who decorate the fridge with photos like I do.  After this week, it jumped off the to-do list - and will hop back on for 2014.

Rachel is fighting another cold/flu.  Interesting note: she's the only one in the house who didn't get the flu shot this year.  She was on antibiotics at the time we had the shots, so she still needs hers.  Poor kid.

I was home with the girls today while Ralph had Em and Soph out in the snow.  Spending time with just Rachel and Janneke is both good and overwhelming.  It's not as if the girls require so much intense care.  The pace is fine, but it is daunting to consider what they might want -in addition to what they need.  They need their diapers changed, water flushes, feeds running, bibs changed, meds given, and chest physio.

But what do they want?  Do they want me to talk to them? Do they want to be left alone? Do they want to watch TV or would they rather stare at the snow? Do they want to be in the livingroom, the kitchen, or their room?  Do they want me to read countless stories or do they want to just listen to music?  The guilt comes when you wonder if they are trying to tell you but you aren't understanding them... and you find yourself almost weary of guessing.  You don't want to miss something and you don't want to neglect them.  Rachel and Janneke are the kind of kids that could easily be neglected because they don't cry for attention.  

Sometimes that makes me weary - and sad.

But, then there are the times when I follow Janneke and try to figure out what she wants.  She has the ability to move from place to place, so I have a glimpse of her preferences.

She loves the doorway to her room and the transition piece from hallway to her room.  She could stand there for a long time.  Funny.  She also loves to visit her sister in bed. I love that.

And then she might just stop and stare. At what? I have no idea.  Maybe she's pondering some amazing concept that we haven't grasped yet.

Last week, we suspect Rachel choked on? swallowed? her loose tooth.  We can't be certain, but we are almost sure. When I tucked her in a couple of nights ago, I talked to her about the loose tooth.  Her eyes widened, and she hit my arms with her arms as if to share some of the emotion (fear?) of losing the tooth.  She is using her arms more and more to indicate cues.  The school is working this with her, and we are thrilled to see how seriously the staff take her nonverbals.

Mind you, all the signing and cueing has to wait.  She started her cold this week, so the kid is down for a bit.  Cute she is.

peace for your week,