sunday's 10

Janneke loves anticipating the tickling fingers of her dad

10 photos from the last 10 days.

It was a quieter weekend.  Time to catch up on the loose threads and ends.

My last conversation with Dad Pot was the afternoon of November 28.  Earlier that morning, I spoke at a chapel at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate, and I shared our family's story.  I tried to be transparent in talking about the difficult choice to choose to live joyfully, particularly when the the cup of joy is not overflowing.  After the chapel, I stopped in at the hospital to see Dad and Mom Pot.  I wanted to believe this would not be my last time with Dad.  Yet, to see him dealing with the pain and discomfort, who was I to wish him more earthly time?  

As sore and pained as he may have felt that afternoon, he had a twinkle in his eye and a smile when I showed photos on my phone of the girls.  He laughed at Sophia's mismatched socks and Janneke's mischievous grin.  He loved his grandchildren deeply.  They brought him distraction and joy.

And that is it.  Joy. When death or darkness comes, that joy might be disguised, but there is still joy.  

Peace to your homes,

 Catching a movie with a cousin

 Snuggling with Liam, baby son to Soph's cousin Melodie.

 setting up the tree with Grandpa

Posing nicely for Mom

 Reading Christmas stories during Joy Morning at the girls' school

 Spending time with good friends...ones they've known since infancy

 Introducing Janneke and Rachel to the tree

Playing Opa Pot's button game on the iPad "negensticken"

 Teaching Oma how to use her new stylus pen that she immediately named Harry.  
Harry will work for her when her fingers are sore.