the week's end

We finished our week with a visit to Beacon.  Though Rachel and Janneke do not attend the same school as their sisters at this point, they have lots of fans, er.. friends in the classrooms.  Janneke loved meeting new friends in JK, and Rachel caught up with the old gang in Grade 2.

* * * * *

After a lively visit, Rachel needed time on her own; she is easily worked up over seeing lots of people.  Yet after a few hours of quiet, she was ready for her long-awaited music therapy session.  Good songs and great smiles.

Today we cheered and ran in the rain at Road2Hope, in support of EduDeo Ministries.  Cousins make the best running partners.  (Here's hoping we see even more cousins at this race in 2014...)

Some people walk [run] in the rain. Others just get wet.   Roger Miller
Grace and Peace,