we love wrapping our girls in the prayer shawl when they are not well

So instead of running with my cross country kids at school, Rachel and I spent the day at McMaster (hospital) emerg, trying to understand the source of her pain issues. After x-rays and ultrasound revealed nothing serious, I took Rachel home last night.  As I drove, I pondered the tension between feeling unsettled that the tests revealed nothing serious with feeling relieved that the tests revealed nothing serious.  Does that tension even make sense?

Seems the curve in learning with Rachel and Janneke is, well, curvy.  For Rachel, we will have to be diligent in monitoring her muscles cramps/spasms as well as her plumbing.  This is pretty common with kids who have weaker muscle tone and sit in chairs.  It's just difficult to determine what is going wrong when she can't tell us.  I want to do everything to help my girls, but sometimes, I have to accept that I might not be able to figure it all out - and fix it.

I was very thankful for the staff at Mac in emerg.  They were quick to assist and, given the typical long time frame for any ER visit, we were taken care of promptly. I still caught bits and pieces of three Disney movies -none of which I will rent later to fully understand- but the time frame was appropriate, and they recognized our experience with hospitals and unique health concerns.

Happy Thanksgiving.  We are thankful that Rachel is trying a day at school today, and we are hopeful she will be distracted by the fun to forget her discomfort for the day.  We are thankful for ideas shared to help the girls with their health issues.  We are thankful for our healthcare teams, both local and in Hamilton.  We are also thankful for friends and family who quickly step in to help. Community is cool.

Speaking of learning curves, apparently crock pots can burn meals, even on the low setting.  Supper for the rest of the family last night was beyond crispy. Oops. Not cool.

Peace to your homes,