back on the bus

Hooray!  The girls went back to school together for a few days this week. Janneke missed her class trip to the pumpkin patch, but she rallied to join the gang by Tuesday. (Hmm.. Janneke does appear tremendously serious here- an old soul with a stoic face.)

Today was unusual for us in that both Rachel and Janneke left for school, and Emily and Sophia had the day off. Yes, we do trips and things with just the older two at times, but we haven't been in our house without at least Rachel or Janneke home.  Surreal.

So, this morning, we had breakfast with Aunt Rhoda, sorted through winter woolies, and Em and Soph worked on their cheese sales for a school fundraiser. (Need any Jennard cheese for Christmas?)  I am thankful for the pockets of time I can spend with the girls, giving me time to solve the bazillion riddles Soph asks me and time to talk with Em about stuff and such.

Peace to your homes,