vertical again

Choosing joy takes work.  So does living thankfully in the circumstance, but we do this through Him who gives us strength.  (Lamentations 3:19-23)

Cheers for finally feeling stronger and healthier again.  The kids took sharing much too literally last weekend and gave me their cold flu, but we are all vertical again.  

Well, we are vertical most of the time.  I am thankful Janneke is 100% better than last week.  And yes, this is one of her favourite positions, as she prepares for chest physio. Oh, that kid.

I am thankful that Rachel loves going to school.  She literally dances in her chair when she sees the bus driver pull up in the morning.

I am thankful that Janneke is now taking home school crafts.  Even the sort-of-gross-sort-of-yummy crafts.

I am thankful that last Friday, when I felt quite sick with the cold flu, a dear someone-in-another-city phoned the Swiss Chalet in St. Catharines to deliver us a surprise supper.  The timing was the unplanned perfect kind.

I am thankful for technology that allows us to visit virtually with Oma, no matter our health or time of day.

I am thankful to see my parents and to celebrate my dad's amazing recovery from a stroke he experienced less than three weeks ago.

I am thankful for nursing, respite, and personal support services that allow me time to do crazy things with Em and Soph.  Like covering ourselves in cornstarch dye while running 5K earlier this month.

peace, joy, and thankfulness to your homes,