So, Janneke and I are sitting at the computer tonight.  Soph took the photo of us before I found a way to type and hold Janneke at the same time.  We are enjoying the new album Heart from The City Harmonic.  

The kid and her sister have been sick with this cold flu virus for more than a week.  Which I know is not a long time when you consider the bigger picture.  But more than a week is more than enough for me.  Because this more-than-a-week cold comes more than once a month and steals the needed sleep. 

Must choose -and hunt for- joy.

Rachel was able to return to school today.  She was kicking her legs and shaking her hands all the way to the bus - huge smile on her face.  She was thrilled with seeing her friends again.  How typical.

Janneke went to see the doctor today due to growing concern from the week. She had a particularly rough evening last night and an unsettled morning, but she was all smiles for the doctor this afternoon.  She was smiling and kicking her feet with delight.  Oh, the healing powers of the waiting room.  How typical.

Your grace is sufficient for yesterday's sorrows
Your grace is sufficient for my right now
Your grace is sufficient for what may come tomorrow
Your strength is made perfect in this somehow
When I am weak You're strong
Your grace is all I've got
-from Strong