school begins again

Both Rachel and Janneke left for the Niagara Children's Centre School this morning.  All four girls were in the capable hands of others for a few hours today, and I was left to enjoy some space of my own.  Rachel continues with full day program, and Janneke will join her for a morning program, starting on Monday. 

Seeing the girls loading up into their small yellow bus, I was reminded of an incident that happened many years ago.  A trusted adult asked me if I knew what the word DARTS stood for on the small yellow school buses belonging to the DARTS company.  I said I wasn't sure.  I was informed that it meant Drive All Retards To School - and told it was a "joke."

No one is perfect - we've all spoken foolishly. Perhaps this person has regretted or repented of this moment in time, but words live longer than people. Words have power to change people -for better or worse.  How we respond to people and experiences that stretch our definition of normal or comfortable - or stretch our patience - says a lot about character, maturity, discipline and heart.

thankful for grace which covers our shortcomings, loving this short bus, and wishing you peace,