thursday thoughts


I couldn't help but have that song pop in my head when I saw the photos of Rachel's leg dance in the hammock.

She loves to lay with her legs straight up in the air... excellent core muscles, eh?

Neighbours Jacob and Louise have generously allowed us to use their pool for the summer again.  Water therapy is good for all of us.  Yes, it does appear that Janneke is trying to vault out of her floating fish.  Sigh.  That kid!  

Shortly after the first photo was taken, we realized that Rachel is too big for the floating fish this year.  Her legs were losing circulation - hence the grumpy face.  Poor kid.  I was glad we figured that out within a few minutes.  We need a new plan for Rachel to be independent in the water, but for now, she is content in our arms.

Every so often the reality of parenting these unique girls hits a bit harder, and we have to find ways to talk through the stress and feelings of being overwhelmed.  I know each child is unique, regardless of ability, but sometimes, I wish we had a bit more of a pattern to follow.

A couple of things brought encouragement this week - the first was the recent copy of BLOOM, a magazine tailored for families who have children with special needs - but it is worth the read even if you don't fit into that group. :)  Louise does an amazing job as editor with creating something that appeals to many parents around the globe.  Check out the online copy.

And....the backyard is almost done!  The stairs and railing were added this week, and we are now able to use the lift.  The railing is mostly glass, to allow the girls to see out over the deck.  

In these photos, you can (somewhat) see how we are now able to exit the girls' bedroom, go down the lift, into the garage and into the Sprinter.  We love that set up, and we also appreciate having two exits for the home now- front door and back door.

Enjoy these hot summer days.  It wasn't too long ago that the cold was nipping our noses.

I hope your days are filled with bits of joy... and speaking of joy, a Happy Anniversary from Em, Soph, Rachel and Janneke to Grandpa and Grandma.  May you be blessed with many more years!

peace to your homes,