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Life with Rachel and Janneke includes a lot of waiting. 

Janneke spent 30 minutes staring at that dish of water with a plastic floating turtle... 

While she contemplated the potential wet experience, her sisters and dad were enjoying water elsewhere this week.

Can you guess where?

Ralph took Emily and Sophia to see his sister Grace and her husband Ed who live on the shores of Lake Minnetonka in Minnesota. Ralph and I loved our years in Minnesota, so it is great to see our kids want to visit there too.  (We had some fun with FaceTime this week; Soph gave me lots of close-ups on her eyeball.)

Back at the home front, I am here with Rachel and Janneke.  Bit quieter here this week.  Sometimes, it's as if I am having a conversation with myself  -with the occasional yell interjected by Janneke.  I am thankful for the nurses, respite help, and PSW.  Most days, someone comes in to help for part of the day with the girls.  And provide some two-way conversation!

Back to that dish of water: After 30 minutes of deep thoughts, I wondered if I should just put the water away.  Suddenly, she moved in closer and hammered her head on the side of the dish. Yikes! Turns out, she thought she could get her face wet.

But, she was all smiles and soon proceeded to be busy with splashing and moving the water all over the place.  Wet floor, wet wheelchair, soaked kid... but a happy kid!

I am thankful for the lessons of patience and waiting.  I know Rachel and Janneke need time to process what is put in front of them, and I can learn from them. Sometimes, I am anxious to quickly work, fix, or sort through what is in front of me.  Taking the cue from Janneke to wait for awhile (but not hammer your head) is wise.  Kind of like a small Sabbath rest in the midst of the busy routine.  

I look forward to welcoming home the rest of our family, and I am sure there will be many stories.  I have enjoyed some special time with Rachel and Janneke - and quiet moments for myself, but it will be great to have the house filled with laughter and conversation again.  Rachel and Janneke need some love and chaos that only their sisters and dad can provide.  Me too.

peace to your homes tonight.