Sunday afternoon

Can you guess where Janneke is?

The other day, my sister Jess called and said, "You need to camp this summer.  How do we make this work?"

We are nervous but ready for the challenge again.  Em and Soph are thrilled that we are considering a holiday with all 7 of us (including a respite worker), and we are thankful for the additional company of family who are excited to lend a hand.  We have now planned three separate times between July and August when we will be camping with family - on an electrical site or in my brother's backyard.

Holiday plans for families with children in wheelchairs are a challenge.  Not only do we need willing hands to help, we also need specific accessible spaces. Cottages and similar places advertise as accessible, but the clincher for us is beds.  We need beds that are raised high to our waist, for safe transfers from wheelchair to bed.  We also need wide doorways and no stairs.  Believe me, we've checked out many options via the Intergoogle.  

Practically speaking, a campsite has no stairs.  And now that we cut open the side of our pop-up camper, we have waist-high beds for safe transfers.  Here's hoping the mosquitos stay away.

So... the photo of Janneke?  She's trying out our hammocks.  Two beautiful gifts from Jason and Faye, part of Vivere.  These hammocks will be another space for our girls to lay when sitting is too painful, or they need a change of scenery.  

And big sisters can enjoy the comfy space too.

Speaking of the pain of sitting, Rachel has needed a break these last few days from her wheelchair.  She came home early from school on Friday in pain and has been recuperating this weekend.

This aft, she took time out to hang on the back porch while Emily blew bubbles for her.  Can you see the large bubble on her face and fingers?

Janneke has more ease with being upright and sitting, but she wasn't so crazy about the bubbles.

Soon, I hope to share with you our addition to the girls' room - our new zip-line (the ceiling tracking) and our indoor trees.  Ralph's niece Mariah is a talented young artist, and we hope to showcase her work.  If you are looking for someone to paint beauty in the home, email me - see address in top corner of the blog.

Peace to your homes tonight.