Janneke's update

Yep.  We've been busy.

Janneke here.  I am dictating from my bed tonight.  I've got Mom worried (again) because I am feeling lousy.  I can't seem to get through to her what is the problem.  In the meantime, here's an update:

My cousin Mariah finished painting the trees in our bedroom, and Mom hung up Rachel's crafts.  I'm a little miffed that all the pieces are Rachel's, but when I start the JK program at the centre this fall, Mom will be seeing so many crafts from the two of us, she'll be asking Mariah for more trees. (By the way, I think you should get Mariah to paint trees at your house.  Email my mom for more info.)


Dad got a lawn for Father's Day.  Uncle Tim gave all the orders, and Uncle Jim, Aunt Grace, Uncle Johan, Dad, and my big sisters worked hard to make this place a bit greener.  Mr. Kok came by to help for a bit too.  I thought about helping, but I was pretty comfy in my swing, watching all the action.  I was tempted to yell, "Green side up!"  

Now Dad is like a farmer, closely inspecting his crop. He is watering and watching to see if the grass will actually grow.  I sure hope so.  I miss laying on the grass in the summertime, watching the clouds go by.  Emily and Sophia keep asking when Dad will put the trampoline back up.

On Father's Day, we went to see my Opa - all of us fit inside his cosy room at Shalom.  I love my Opa. He likes to hug me and make me smile.  We share secret jokes without saying anything.

Oma is pretty special too.  She spent time talking to Rachel - and staying out of my way.  I tend to run over toes in my walker, even my Oma's toes.

Biggest news?  I graduated from my preschool program today.  Mom says the IPRP team at the Niagara Children's Centre is pretty special.  I think so too.  They have helped me make friends, and they let me paint, play with applesauce (with no spoon!), and practice standing.  Mom says she will miss them.  They worked with Rachel too, so they have been a part of our family for two years. 

Mom says today was a bit sad because we said good-bye to the team of helpers that have worked with our family since the fall of 2006.  (Way before the coolest kid in this family was born.)  Starting this fall, we will have a new team of helpers because I will be going to the Niagara Children's Centre School.  This new team includes people who have been smiling at me in the hallways at the centre; they know me a bit because they work with Rachel right now.

Speaking of Rachel, here's a token shot of her.  I prefer all the attention, but I will share a bit with her too.  She went to the zoo today with her class (jealous sister here), and she's been hogging the hammock.  

Alright, I'm signing off for now.  Mom will take over again.  I hope to tell her soon what's making me sick, and then we will both sleep better.  

Peace to your homes,