anticipation for April

Spring is coming...

We welcomed the warmer temperatures and sunshine by being outside.  Em mastered the rollerblades, Soph went on the scooter, and Rachel and Janneke enjoyed the ride.  A good afternoon out.  

Easter weekend has come and gone again.  Standing together as a family for Lord's Supper at church on Sunday, with feed pumps and wheelchairs nearby, I could not help but be reminded of the reality of Easter - an imperfect world in need of a perfect Christ.  

Janneke was a handful at church on Sunday, crying and happy-yelling alternately through the morning.  Yet, I was amazed when the children were called forward to sing and participate in the music, she made a beeline in her walker to the front to join the fun.  

Make a joyful noise, Janneke.

* * *

I have been asked to share our family's story with the women who will gather at the upcoming inspirational women's conference, organized by Coffee Break Ministries on Saturday, April 20. I am excited to hear the main speaker, Joyce Rees (with Jacob's Well), and I hope my family's story can encourage others too. Here's the conference info if you are interested: link.  

* * *

Elma came this morning with her camera, and we had a few photos taken.  I asked her to spend some time in the girls' room with her camera; it was good to chat together, share with her the renovated space, and be encouraged by her support. 

And, as strange as it may be, this is one of my favourite photos from this morning:

I am not always certain that Janneke comprehends what is happening around her in real time.  She often seems oblivious to others around her and is content to spin in circles in her walker.  Yet, as Elma was taking photos of Rachel (like the ones above), Janneke suddenly walked between Elma and Rachel, forcing her walker between the shot.  She stopped ever-so-briefly to look up at Elma (hence the photo) and then carried on to the other corner of the room.  

That kid keeps us guessing.

For now, I am looking forward to the conference and looking forward to the completion of our home - the ramp needs to be built on the back deck, the yard needs to be graded, and the lawn needs to be coloured green.  

Peace to your homes and hope your grass turns green.