sunshine and patience

Sorry, Dad.... did you want to see the hockey game? I've got it covered already.  Love, Janneke.

Saddled with dolls and stuffed animals (thanks to her sisters), Janneke uses her walker to find the TV.  She follows sports more than any other program.  

* * *

These last two weeks have been filled with more sickness, sunshine, and adjusted expectations.  

It seems Janneke is catching one virus after another, with maybe one day of good health inbetween.  It's frustrating to think of the programs and therapy she is missing by staying home to recover.  "Sick" seems to be the chorus of this winter season.

We did get a chance to catch some sunshine this weekend.  Ralph and I took Em and Soph for a walk along the canal - well, the girls rolled on their scooters and we walked.  Not always, but there are times when we welcome the slower pace of being with the four of us.  

Rachel and Janneke have been in their beds more often again, so I am extra thankful for the big windows and space in their room.  There can be a sense of guilt when they spend more time in bed and less time in their chairs or outside.  Yet, it's as if they go through times when they just want to be in their own space.  So, we honour that.

And we are humoured by it too.  Love Janneke's relaxed sleep position.

Tonight was a cheery night - hopefully, Janneke is on the mend once again.  Em and Soph entertained her on their recorders.  I think she's the only one who truly finds joy in recorder practice. 

I'm liking it, I'm liking it...

 Yep, I'm loving it, I'm loving it...

In this photo above, she is actually trying to sing along.  Make a joyful noise, kiddo.

Another Monday is put to bed, and the week is still ahead of us.  Here's to flexing the muscles of patience with canceled plans and determination to make fun happen however possible.

* * *

This is Sophia's Grace Garden, a piece she made to help us all remember the events of Holy Week and Easter.  The second candle was lit tonight at supper.  

(And then it was quickly extinguished because we realized birthday candles burn quickly. No need for a grass fire in the grace garden.)