sixteen candles


That's us.  

Today marks sixteen years of marriage.  No, contrary to how the photo looks, we did not get married in the 80s.  It was 1997.

We watched the VHS of our wedding ceremony and reception last night.  At one point, we noted that we were watching a VHS recording of our wedding reception slide show.  Remember slides?  Oh, how times have changed.

Sophia took this photo today to make our image very current

Happy Anniversary, rpot.  Here's to many more years....even if you leave for your evening meetings with the TV remote in your pocket so that I am forced to watch the Leafs.  

Here's a couple of photos from the week:

Janneke has a number of little friends who like to help her at preschool.  

Hannah is diligent in getting Janneke's "toat" (coat) and boots on.  She insists on following through by pushing her to the van and watching her load into place.

It's these little people who help the big people not feel so awkward around our girls.  

This week, Rachel battled some teething issues -new molars?- and a new cold.  She was taken home from school at noon one day because she seemed to be unwell.  Ironically, as I drove her home, she took her hands and banged her tray the whole way home.  I almost felt she was ticked that she was going home early.  
 cuddle time with Emily means lots of staring at the light - what does she see?

She had a chance to spend time with her Beacon friends at Corey's birthday party.  It is always a treat to see these little people run up to Rachel and greet her.  I can only wonder how long they will feel so comfortable around her.

I noticed the shyness and stares of the kids who were at the party but had not met Rachel before.  Funny how open they can be with their questions:

What's wrong with her? When did she get like that? She's almost seven years old!?

But... it is these little people who will grow up into big people who will hopefully remember Rachel and not be intimidated by special needs.

Tonight will be a quiet night: taking care of the kids, planning a special dinner, and hoping whatever cold Rachel and Janneke have will leave quickly.  Next week, we have some appointments, but more importantly, we will be celebrating Janneke's 4th birthday.

Peace to your homes.

Here's a snapshot of Janneke pushing through the adult's legs and the open door, determined to make her way down the hallway at the children's centre.  I am always amazed at her determination to find the open spaces.