Facetime with Oma

The other night, Ralph was chatting with his mom via Facetime.  It is not easy for Oma to simply pop over and visit; we appreciate the blessing of technology that allows us to virtually visit without the stress of travel.  

Here's Janneke's take on the whole conversation:

Hi, Oma.  Nice yellow sweater.  I like yellow.

Hmm, Oma sure has a lot of say.  I need to take a rest on my elbow.

Well, if I could at least add my thoughts on the situation...

Oma, forget Dad. I'm coming in for a closer look.

And now I'm bored.  No, trying to kiss me won't work.  
Doodeedoo... wonder if I can swipe back to my MagicFingers App?

Can't. make. the. screen. move.... but I can make Oma laugh.

 I'll just lay my hands on Oma's face and see if that changes things.  Ha!

Oh, three year olds!

This morning, as Janneke's preschool friends were helping with her winter boots, I couldn't help but notice her boots were switched - left on right foot and right on left foot.  How normal.

peace to your homes.