another sparkler

If I handed out sparkle awards (see last post), I'd hand one to Leah.  I brought Rachel downstairs for Joy Jam this morning during church, wondering if someone would be willing to work alongside her and change bibs for the 45 minute children's program.  Typically, I look to the adults or youth helpers.  This morning, Leah jumped up from her spot and came right over.  

Big smile on her face.  "Mrs. Pot, can I take care of Rachel today?"  

Big smile on my face. "You bet, Leah.  You okay with changing bibs."

"Sure. No problem."

Leah turns 8 this year, one year older than Rachel.  She and her family are all too familiar with finding a new normal as their own family circumstance revolves around health issues.  She is my active listener in our girls' club (GEMS), and she loves to sing.  

Leah took the responsibility very seriously, even finding someone to watch Rachel while she took a quick bathroom break.  I think her morning was made when I taught her how to operate the elevator lift at the end of our service.

My morning was made by her enthusiasm and complete disregard for whatever may be unusual about Rachel's behaviour.  Drool didn't phase her.  Nor did Rachel's awkward one arm hug at the end of program.

Leah, sparkle on.  The Light shone from you this morning, reminding me that Joy comes in all sizes.

Peace to your homes.