and it was a snow day

Our first snow day in a long time.... yes, St. Catharines actually had to shovel today.  And shovel numerous times.

Snow is not accessible.  Winter isn't exactly accessible.  

So, I am extra thankful for a porch that extends from the girls' room, allowing them some swing time- even just a few minutes to experience the snowfall.

I am thankful for windows that give both Rachel and Janneke a glimpse of the fun a snow day can be.

I am thankful the nurses scheduled for today and tomorrow live in town, close enough not to be deterred by snowy streets.

I am thankful for the imaginations of Em and Soph who dug holes in the snowpiles, making forts complete with tunnels, doors, and snowy appliances.  (Yes, they were intent on creating TVs for their hideouts.)

complete with removable doors

I am also thankful our appointments at Mac and Chedoke were scheduled earlier this week (before the snowstorm).  Janneke had an EEG on Wednesday, and Rachel had her AFO (splints) assessment Thursday.  Updates will come later.  I also had a chance to observe Rachel in her classroom on Tuesdsay; it was amazing to watch her access the talker button so frequently as she interacted with her teacher.  I can only wonder what she will do as she becomes more familiar with a communicative device.  A good reminder to be patient about the uncertain future.

For tonight, we are enjoying the snowfall from the windows again.

Peace to your homes.