sparkle on, baby

It's been another week plus of cold and now upper respiratory infections.  Bring on the antibiotics...

But, lest I forget, Rachel recently received another Sparkle award at school. She was well enough for one day of program and then back to her bed.  Poor kid. Both girls haven't attended much school for the last two weeks due to illness, but we are optimistic they will be back soon... sparkling.

The cool part of this award is that Rachel used her red button (her talker) to communicate to the students that "she was so excited to receive her Sparkle award." It was a pre recorded message that she knew to activate when she was at the front of the gym.  (I recorded it, but I need to clear permission with the school before I post.)

The concept of a red button with a pre recorded message is to establish a method of communication for Rachel with others, despite the fact that she cannot actually speak the words.  She is learning to communicate by pushing the button when others approach her.

A couple of weeks ago, the previous message was a greeting that she used throughout the halls of the school.  I know this because Bernice texted me after being at the children's centre and said that Rachel just asked her how she was doing.  Love having friends who understand these small triumphs!

So, we wait to send our Sparklers to school.  In the meantime, they are having lots of sleepy time, time with the iPad, time outside in the swings and chest physio. Here's looking for a healthier day soon!

By the way, we are getting excited to help our friends Jason and Laura with their fundraiser this Friday night.  Once again, I am reminded of the frustration many parents face knowing the therapies, methods, and care their children need to grow cost money - often beyond their reach. Yet, I am amazed at the donations that are coming in for the fundraiser: Raptors tickets, Sabres tickets, Jays tickets, spa packages, golf outings... very cool.  We hope for a great turnout.

Peace to your homes.  And here's to small reminders to be thankful.