sly fox

When Janneke was born, one of the many questions we had about her development was with reference to her sight.  Her eyes were quite small in size, and there were doubts about her vision.

As time passed and she developed some of her motor skills, we knew she was able to see, but we questioned her ability to recognize.

It is a rare moment when she uses direct eye contact.  Often, it seems that she is looking at you, but when you study her eyes, you sense she is looking through you.  When she is working with something on her tray - the iPad, a toy, or a book - she uses her peripheral ability to sense the object and uses her hands to explore the perimeter of that item.  I call it her "sly fox" ability - to be seeing something without making it obvious.

Yesterday, the staff began working with a button for Janneke.  It's a red button that will hopefully teach Janneke some cause-and-effect skills.  If she pushes the button, something should happen.  In this case, they hooked the button to a cassette which then played children's music.

To the amusement of staff, Janneke would not actually push the button with her hand, but she would put her chin on the button, her cheek, her elbow - anything but her hand.  She would hold that button down with some part of her body, let the music play, and shake her hips while standing in her walker.  (Sorry - no photo.  Too busy laughing at my girl!)

Today, I watched some more cause-and-effect success.  Apparently, Janneke appreciates monkey sounds, and the staff showed me her change in face when they made monkey sounds.  I preserved the dignity of the staff by not taking a photo of their face while making the monkey sound - and Janneke's face takes the limelight anyway.

The photos show (1) a quiet hallway, (2) one monkey sound, and then (3) lots of monkey sounds.

For a kid who is often inexpressive, this is a good moment that reminds me she is still developing and progressing.

More joy.

Peace to your homes.

And a special thank-you to a special Mem (not a misspell) who made Rachel a new hat for January.  What a treat!