happy thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgivin', y'all.

That's Janneke sporting her new bandana bib.  The hat was Soph's idea.

Yep, today is Canadian Thanksgiving, and we are thankful...

Thankful for a deck that extends from the girls' room, allowing us to bring the girls to the fresh air without much difficulty.

Thankful for all the expressions and experiences we can have with our girls.  Here, Rachel is tolerating a pumpkin muffin baking moment.  She was not crazy about the blender, but I had to laugh at her puzzled expression when she stared into the bowl after I blended all the ingredients.

Thankful for trips and for homecomings.  

Soph, Em and Ralph had a chance to travel to Minneapolis this weekend for a family wedding.  Emily knows she has a special connection with Jeremy -they were born in the same hospital in MN, and he was one of her first visitors after her birth.  Congratulations, Jeremy and Lyndsey!

2003: Emily celebrating Jeremy's birthday with dear Rocky... two favourites for J at the time.

2012: with his forever friend Lyndsey (thank you, Sarah Rekard, for the photo)

Em, Soph, and Ralph had a wonderful weekend with family, celebrating with the family as well as taking in the city and the trips down memory lane for Ralph. Though there were people and events he couldn't meet, it was another good MN memory.

One of the places Ralph took the girls was the Mississippi River - where Ralph and I often took Emily in those early days.  Our first house was just off the river, and we have fond memories of hanging out riverside.  Oh... how time has passed!

And of course, homecoming is sweet... so sweet.  I was home in Ontario with Rachel and Janneke for the weekend.  Boy, is it quiet in the house without Em and Soph around! (Rhoda saved us for a few hours by bringing Caleb and Nella -and Grandpa and Grandma- for a lunch visit on Saturday.)  This weekend reminded me of how thankful we are for the therapy and stimulation Em and Soph provide their sisters just by being themselves.  

So, I didn't make turkey for the family, but I suspect that the girls didn't suffer, having shared a milkshake with their dad in the Mall of America. 

Sweet thanksgiving.

Peace for your week.