And she was so excited for her first day of preschool....

* * *

Janneke had her first day of preschool program at the Niagara Children's Centre.  She was sound asleep going into circle time, but with some gentle prodding, she was ready to play.  She took her red walker and promptly made new friends.  

It was one of those days that started with me spilling orange juice all over the kitchen floor before 7 in the morning, but the day is almost over.   Rachel had a better evening than the last few, thanks to the help of the nurse.  We switched up the shifts this week, and now when Rachel gets off the bus, a nurse is home to help Rachel stretch and loosen up.  Her body gets so tight after a full day of school, so having the help of the nurse means Rachel gets the attention she needs.  We are also trying a different probiotic (Bio-K) to see if that helps her with the bowel pain.  It feels like a constant guessing game as we try to help our girls.  

This past weekend, we shared some time and beautiful weather with friends - two families came to visit for the afternoon on Saturday, and great memories were made.  I have high school and grade school memories with Eric, Ang, Brian, and Ellen, so it was a treat to visit after many years and spend time with their kids.  Curtis loved the wheelchair lifts; I love this photo... a future engineer, perhaps?

Both families have been part of our prayer support, and I loved the questions and attention their kids gave Rachel and Janneke.  Their kids had no qualms about hanging out with wheelchairs and drool (and the iPad was a hit, of course), and I loved how Nathan wanted to walk with Janneke.  Even when Janneke was bothered by the carousel music and needed to move away from the merry-go-round, Nathan stayed with her.  A new friend with a big heart.

* * *

We took in the sunshine with the girls on Sunday afternoon.  Janneke loved being able to cruise the driveway, and Rachel was content to listen to stories with me.

Em and Soph made pictures on the driveway - and a hopscotch for Janneke to try.  Go for it, kid.

Peace for your week.