from Janneke

Hey, you two guys new around here?  Want a tour?

Actually, there's been so much happening these last few weeks.  Rachel and I are completely absorbed in the Olympics, never mind the renovations.  Rachel gets the iPad - puts her face right up to the screen and yells at the swimmers.  It's gross, really.  When I get my turn on the iPad, she's left her spit on the screen.  Sisters. Sigh.

I usually get my screen time by walking up to this large screen thing.  It's great - I can walk right up to it and follow the athletes with nothing interfering.  My big sisters holler for some reason; something about me blocking their way.  Sisters. Sigh.

Actually, my sisters are pretty cool.  They recently painted a wall in our basement, and I got to watch them paint.  I loved the feeling of the cement floor on my bare feet.

This past week, my mom and dad decided to move Rachel and I into our new room.  After looking over some papers, Dad said he knew what he was doing, and Mom seemed content to take orders.  I was worried.

Late that night, the beds were in.  No one was injured in the process, and my parents had some good laughs. I had a good sleep.

Now, it's like the room is normal... ordinary already.  I love the space for getting my exercise, and Mom lowers our beds, so I can touch toys on my bed - like a big table!- and I can visit Rachel while she lies in her bed.  She doesn't get up as much as I do; Mom says she's been more sore and tired lately.

Must. open. door. (grunt)

Okay, so I haven't figured out door handles (yet!), but this is the way out.  I love to go over to the door, and when the doors are opened, I stand in front and feel like the world is ready for the taking.  

Mom and Dad are pretty excited to have a place to stick our chairs, walkers, and stander.  I used to watch them bump into these during my night feeds... no more sore toes or hips.

I am glad Mom can raise and lower the beds because I can finally see what is so important about those papers Mom keeps on our beds.  Turns out, there's nothing too crazy - just our morning care routine and blood sugar levels.  Mine have been dipping low again, apparently.

And here we are, fast asleep.  The windows are awesome.  When we are awake, both of us love to roll over to look out the window and check out Miss Annie's garden and plants.  Mom and Sophia were talking about putting some bird feeders outside the windows. That would be cool.

You'll have to come over and visit sometime.  Mom says there's still lots to be done before the whole project is completed, but I am loving my new space - and so is the whole family.

peace, baby.