sailing - and a new deck!

Another sailing adventure with the Easter Seals Regatta (at the Port Dalhousie Yacht Club) was thoroughly enjoyed by the family.  This time, we asked Christina to join us, to give us an extra set of hands - and not surprisingly, she was eager to help.

John and Margaret were wonderful hosts/captains.  They were joined by their son Simon, and we were treated royally.  They have a heart for helping, and we are thankful for the ways they give in our community.

John allowed Emily and co-captain Rachel to take the wheel (helm?) for a bit.  Nothing like trying to steer a large boat among five huge lake freighters, anchored just outside the Welland Canal.

Having our family contained on the boat with someone else providing treats and Christina lending a hand, we could take turns being with each of the girls.  Makes us want to find a good houseboat holiday!

I am very proud of my two oldest girls. Watching them grow and change again this past school year, I can only wonder what God has planned for them.  People (intending to be kind) tell me that my girls are going to be extra compassionate because they are sisters to children with special needs.  Yes, they have to be flexible and patient with unplanned changes in our family.  But, I suspect kids in families with more than two children also have to be flexible and patient.  

The concern is more that I don't want Rachel and Janneke to define Emily and Sophia - specifically, I don't want the younger girls' disability to supersede the individual identities and gifts of Emily and of Sophia.  As parents, we are cautious with how much we expect of our girls, keeping in mind that we are going to make mistakes.  We love our children, and we continuously ask God to give us the grace and wisdom as we do our best to guide and nurture them. Yep, I love those girls!

We look forward to another sailing adventure next year - a great day for all of us.

* * *

Thanks again, Deb and Nancy, for all the baked treats we can serve the volunteers on Saturday!  This seems to motivate them... until lunch is served at noon... and then beers and other cold drinks mid-afternoon.

We had another group of committed folks show up Saturday morning to build the deck.  It was a quick couple of hours -and we were on the deck for lunch!  (If you want to be involved in any future work with the house, email Wil or our family.)

Here is Janneke, anticipating the first few steps on the deck. She was not sure....

but she came around quickly, chirping and smiling as she cruised the boards. 

Rachel is in her final week of school.  She received the annual photo yearbook from NPCC School, and she loved looking at all the photos of her friends.  It was awesome to see her lean in and recognize faces.  There are some fun things planned by the school for the last week, and we hope to celebrate with her. 

As an afterthought:  We had a chance to hear Ian Brown speak last week in an intimate setting at Holland-Bloorview.  It was awesome.  I wanted to share some of that evening in a post, but I am still gathering my thoughts...  It seems sleep deprivation from the last two weeks has made me forget some other things, so I am working through my list to-do list very slowly.  I suppose that is better than not at all. :)

Peace for your week.