rites of passage

Rites of passage.  'Tis the season.

Rachel attended the SK graduation at Beacon as the special guest of the class.  She has been their special friend for two years, and our plan has been to include her with the Beacon class for as long as possible.  She has been invited to attend the NPCC School for grade 1 - full day, every day.  This program will emphasize communication, for which we are thrilled.  NPCC School's philosophy works on helping their students transition into mainstream classes as soon as possible.  We are so thankful for the extra time and energy spent on Rachel to prepare for the future idea of attending Beacon.  In the meantime, we will continue to establish friendships with the (now graduated) SK class.

I got a kick out of this photo (above).  Wiping the drool while maintaining composure for the photo.  Too funny.

We had a chance to visit with the JK and SK classes at Happy Rolph's (small animal park).  It was a treat to see all the kids greet Rachel, fight over pushing her in her chair and point out the animals to her.  She is loved.

Yes, I cannot pretend there is no sadness in watching Rachel's peers grow and change so much - when she is progressing at her own speed.  I try not to dwell on those feelings... there is still much joy to behold.

* * *
The renovations continue to progress.  Last Saturday, Janneke watched Henry dig out the holes to prepare for the deck footings.  She loves the front row seating.

Here's view from the back where you can see a spot perfect for the covered deck.  This will also give our girls a chance to sit outside without any awkward lifting or moving around.  The deck will be level with the sliding doors of our existing home and the double doors of their bedroom.

Do you like to paint? Are you able to help with a Saturday meal? We'd love the help.  It is daunting to balance the renovations between contracted labour and volunteer labour, but we've been amazed at the progress so far.  We would love more help.  You can email Wil or contact our family email. (Click his name or the word family.)

* * *
We took the girls to watch the annual Kiwanis Duck Race.  There are approx. 10,000 rubber ducks that race annually at Port Dalhousie, and it is amusing to watch.  

Earlier this month, I found Janneke reading the newspaper comics.  That girl continues to surprise us!

And yes, it is possible to fall asleep at the piano.  Poor kid.  At the time, I had no idea she was fighting the oncomings of a nasty cold.

It's been another longish week of little sleep and lots of time up at night, dealing with the girls' colds.  Rachel's cold descended to her lungs, so she started antibiotics.  Janneke seems to be dealing with all the stuff without needing the extra meds.  She does get quite upset with all congestion and is scared when she can't clear her throat.  Lots of chest physio and inhalers....

Em and Soph finished with school this Friday, and Rachel will finish her schooling next Friday.  We have enjoyed all the end-of-the-year school fun, including Emily's class sleepover at the school!  We started our summer list (things we want to do), recognizing that our big driving adventure originally planned may have to be short local trips until both Rachel and Janneke are comfortable with longer sitting spells in their chairs. 

Have a good weekend.